Whese: Create a social network to show off your selfies in real-time

Review posted Sun 31 Aug '14
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If someone asks you whether you've been 'whese-ing' these days, you might be mistaken into thinking that they were inquiring about your health. However, there's another use of the word that has less to do with the state of your health and more to do with your state of your social selfie. Whese is a new, free photo-sharing application for iOS that throws the word 'whese-ing' into our online vocabulary. This simple to use, real-time app is ideal for the serial selfie taker and allows users to share every moment of their lives with their Whese friends. Add a few details to your photos - maybe a witty description - then just choose your location and tag your friends and you'll be Whese-ing with the best of them.
Whese is an app for iPhone, iPad and iPad touch users who love to share every moment of their lives with photos of themselves and their surroundings. It's perfect for those folks who are constantly posting selfies on their social networks and are bored with people berating them for filling their feeds with their seemingly hedonistic posts. Whese works in realtime, so whenever you post a new update, it appears instantly on your followers' screen. Only the latest posts from your friends will appear automatically on your screen but, if you want to see older posts, you can easily check their profile for more. Whats more, you can like and chat over posts and upload as many photos as you like.
Some might wonder how an app like Whese will survive amongst the squillions of other social photosharing apps but, if i remember rightly, that's what they said about Pinterest and Instagram when they first launched. Whese, however, is a stripped-back photo-sharing app that actually shines because of its simplicity. To be honest, it probably wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the hugeness of the social selfie but many of us love to post real-time photos of ourselves so there could well be a place for it in the myriad of social photo-sharing apps. There's plenty of room for improvement too - a few filters or some photo editing features would have been nice - but Whese prefers to keep it simple for the time being. The idea behind the app is to post totally current photos to your Whese friends simply and easily and it fulfills that premise really well. Now, alll it needs is a loyal following and a new free social photo-sharing app could well be up and flying before you know it. You never known, 'whese-ing' could be the latest addition to the Oxford Dictionary in a couple of years.

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