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Review posted Tue 19 Jul '11
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Teamlab is a full-featured and simple to use project management, collaboration, and online document editing tool that you just have to see to believe. 

When you sign up (a painless and extremely easy process), a password is sent to you along with a link to your portal.

When you log into your account you’ll be presented with several options.  At the top of the page you can choose to import contacts, edit your profile, or change settings.  The first time you log in there is also a link to easily change your password from the default random one that was emailed to you.


Lower on the page to the left is a “Getting started” box with the option to (again) import contacts, as well as importing data from Basecamp and watching an introduction video.

The main part of the page is your access to all the useful features of Teamlab – ‘Projects’ (project management), ‘Documents’ (online document editing), ‘Community’ (forums, Wiki, etc.), and ‘Talk’ (chat).


The ‘Projects’ page is nicely laid out and would be easy to figure out even if you had never used a project management app before.  Adding a project is extremely simple – just put in a bit of information and you’re done.  If you want to pay for a premium account you can even make a private project that is only available to the project manager and project members with corresponding rights. After you’ve added a project it takes you to the Overview page for that project.  Along the top of the page are tabs for Milestones, Tasks, Discussions, Documents, Time Tracking, Project Settings, History, and Team.  On the right side of the Overview page you’ll find an ‘Actions’ box where you can create a new project, plan new milestone, add task, or generate a Task Report.  Under that is the ‘Activity’ box that shows recent activity.


‘Documents’… I was speechless when I checked out this feature.  This is MUCH better than Google Docs!  Okay, it doesn’t load any faster than Google Docs (maybe even a little slower, although with my connection I’m not a good judge of that), but the layout is much better, and using it is like a dream.  Changes are processed a lot faster than on Google Docs, and using it doesn’t seem to put as much stress on my computer system.  You can create your documents right there, upload them, download what’s already there, create permissions to control access and sort your documents into folders.  You can create and edit documents and spreadsheets.  You can even install a plugin to create and edit presentations!  You also have the ability to create a favorites list on the left side of the page so you can have easy access to the documents you use frequently.  I personally think this is a much better online document editing tool than Google Docs.


The ‘Community’ page was another pleasant surprise.  There are 10 widgets you can choose to add – Events, Polls, Blogs, Forums, Photos, Bookmarks, Wiki, Birthdays, New Employees, and What’s New.  Each one is a fully functional app in itself and so easy to use you wouldn’t believe it!


‘Talk’ takes you to your chat room – perfect for throwing ideas back and forth without the delay of emails or other collaboration tools.

Pricing for this app is more than reasonable… 93% of Teamlab features are provided for free and will always be free. 

So, if you are looking for a great, free, full-featured project management, online document editing, or collaboration tool for your business give Teamlab a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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