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Review posted Sun 22 Jul '12  ·  68 comments
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Its inevitable that, given the slow demise of the magazine in favor of online version, that people would begin to hanker for the format and create their own. Living Junction is an easy to use, drag-and-drop free publishing application that lets you create cool magazines on your favorite topics and hobbies by displaying your multimedia using great looking displays. Share your magazines with social network or email friends and create micro communities with people who also love the things you love.
Living Junction is a user-created social publishing platform that let's you drag-and-drop your favorite rich media content to the pages of your own gorgeous magazine to bring your favorite topics alive. Each magazine you create comes with a set of social features helping you to create micro communities of interest around the topics you love. You can upload your favorite photos from your computer, grab them from your Facebook albums - or search for the content you need using Bing image search and Youtube video search right inside the magazine editor. The magazines you create can be private to you and your closest friends or public and shared with a community of like-minded people. Your creativity is not bound by themes or templates as you can rotate, resize and add frames and shadows to make the pages of your magazines look just the way you like. You can discover magazines about topics that interest you and subscribe to them to get notified when new content becomes available.
I often wonder why apps like Pinterest and Instagram took off so successfully when there are several others offering much more that just fade away. While Living Junction isn't quite the same as either of those a-grade apps it is a great social magazine publishing application with a lot of merits. You can grab videos, photos from your computer or the web, YouTube videos and all the other rich-text objects and turn your disjointed favorite topics into rather wonderfully looking online magazines that can then be shared on Facebook or emailed to friends. What makes it even more interesting is the interaction you may get from others that are interested in your topic. I love it.

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