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Review posted Mon 24 Feb '14
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We've talked in the past about many fine customer relationship management (CRM) applications - most of which are geared towards the bigger end of business. Look around most small businesses these days and many of them are still running their affairs using Outlook for emails, Excel for spreadsheets and ACT as their CRM. Most would love to move up to an app like Salesforce but it costs a fair whack and many of its features you will never use. So along comes BigContacts to fill that void and provide small business with an affordable set of useful CRM tools that sit nicely between the two options.
BigContacts is a web based CRM that is designed for small businesses that have outgrown the basic solutions. Their mission is to offer small business owners affordable and easy-to-use tools that will help them to be more effective in organizing and growing their business. With BigContacts you can quickly and easily organize all the important contact history and communication that you need to effectively manage your customer ad prospect relationships. Your first introduction to BigContacts comes via the unique contact dashboard that helps you to keep track of all your pending tasks, your upcoming meetings and notes and files for each of your contacts - and all from a single screen. You can even capture and store all email communication in the contact record no matter which email service provider is being used. In addition, they offer a number of email marketing and marketing automation tools - all integrated inside your account.
BigContacts have just relaunched a completely redesigned version of this excellent CRM for small business with a faster service and more tools to let you get better organized and to ensure that you can get on with the things that you do best and help grow your business. To make this even easier, you can access everything here, whether you are on your PC, Mac, mobile or tablet - giving you far more freedom and flexibility to have control no matter where you are. The app is incredibly user-friendly and actually includes all the features that you need as you move out of the world of Excel and Outlook and onwards and upwards in this ever changing business world. It offers tracking calendars for your whole team so that everyone knows the tasks assigned and when they need to be attacked as well as detailed reports to give a better understanding of where you stand. BigContacts offers you smaller guys a chance to get better organized and grow your business - at an affordable and cost effective price.

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