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Review posted Sun 13 Nov '11
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If you are looking for a fun chat and dating app that's different from the rest you might want to pay attention to this one. FlavorConnect is a bright and bouncy site that asks you to select your 'flavor' or the type of relationship you might fancy...and all the flavors begin with f! If you are brave you can try chatroulette and see if there's anyone in that alternative community that takes your fancy.
If you are tired of poor matches on other dating sites then maybe it's time to take another tack. FlavorConnect is unlike other online dating site. Flavor Connect is a cool new way to date. Simply select your flavor hookup from the plethroa of f-words on offer. No, no that f-word. Friendship; Fancy; Fidelity; Fling; Fantasy and Freestyle are your choices. The aim is to attract other like-minded members in the growing dating and chatroulette alternative community. Join in the free webcam chat to find cool singles and flirt with chatroulette and play dating games. It might be time to  give FlavorConnect a try. Complete the free sign-up, select your flavor and become a flavor single today!

You'll love the bright, bubbly look and feel that FlavorConnect throws out. While I dont think it's aiming for the middle aged market that sites like e-Harmony do it will be great for the casual dater amongst the younger folks who are sick of meeting older partners. There's been a lot of talk about the Internet phenomenon that is Chatroulette. Are you game enough to try it? You never know who you will meet from all around the world. If you are looking for a new type of dating site for the younger market then FlavorConnect is lots of fun.

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