Kennedy: Capture the Now: Document everything that happens on your important days

Review posted Thu 9 Jan '14  ·  106 comments
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One can only assume that the reason this app is named Kennedy is because of the events on November 22nd 1963 in Dallas, Texas when US Resident John F Kennedy was assassinated. It is said that anyone who was aware of what was going on that day - no matter where they were in the world - can remember exactly where they were standing and what they were doing. And that's a mirror of what this journal app for iOS does too, really. It lets you capture a moment in time and automatically notes everything that happened on that day including your location, the weather and the newspaper headlines.
Kennedy: Capture the Now is a new way to mark moments in time complete with the surrounding context of the things happening around you. With one-tap, Kennedy will capture all the various layers of the 'moment-in-time' including the location you were in at the time, the date and time that it happened, the current weather conditions and the latest world news headlines together with what music you're listening to at the time. Choose from different headlines that were happening at the time and view the actual news article. You can specify your own news source for the headlines whether it be local, global, politics or technology, it's up to you. Edit your photos, make adjustments and add effects using the built-in Aviary photo editor. Then you can add your own notes and a photo and save it to the archive of captured moments. You can use the archive to relive past moments. You will remember where you were when that big news event happened, or it can show you all those moments when it was snowed or when you were listening to that song that you and your partner fell in love with. Finally, you can backup and restore your data and photos using Dropbox.
There is a plethora of journal apps that let you document your life but there aren't many as unique as this one. Kennedy: Capture the Now is easily the most proactive and allows you to view a map of where you were standing when a major event takes place. It could be your wedding or when you had your first child or when you finally saw your favorite band. For added authenticity, simply add a venue via a list provided by Foursquare and open the venue details in the Foursquare app. Kennedy lays down all the conditions around you so that you won't have to rely on your memory to remember what you were doing and what was happening on that special day. Now you don't have to rely on your faltering memory anymore to hold onto your treasured memories.

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