xDownload: A document manager to make your downloading so much easier

Review posted Sun 15 Apr '12  ·  19 comments
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xDownload is a document management and file download application for iPhone from the people who brought us the fabulous OrganiDoc HD and, with that sort of pedigree, you automatically know that it is going to impress. Its a very powerful and easy to use set of tools that let's you grab and download pictures as well as audio and video files - or anything else from the web - and put it into a queue on your iPhone so it is ready for downloading when you have WiFi access.
If you are feeling a little hand-tied to Safari's rather clumsy ways when wanting to download files then xDownload could well be the answer you are looking for. Here is a set of document management tools that lets you grab and manage your pictures, and any other files if it comes to that, right from your iPhone! This powerful and easy-to-use tool for iPhone pulls everything you want on the web into a background-downloading queue on your phone whilst you continue browsing. Then all you have to do is download them when you have WiFi access and enjoy them uninterruptedly. You can even download multiple files simultaneously. Easily manage downloaded files then rename, move, create subfolders, unzip ZIP/RAR files, email or transfer to your PC, And as an added bonus for non-Flash enabled iPhone users, all Flash videos are automatically converted to mp4 so you can watch them immediately. Some may even wish to use xDownload as a totally independent browser to your normal one. You can keep it password-protected and keep your browsing history, bookmarks and downloaded files safe from prying eyes as well as being completely safe and secure.
One of the most pleasing things that tend to run through developer Wenjoy's apps is their ease of use and sheer beauty to look at. So, naturally, xDownload lets you switch between browsers with the automatic URL caching with ease and plays virtually all file formats supported on iPhone, with thumbnail and preview capabilities. In a nutshell it allows you to play, manage and transfer downloaded files with ease - right from your iPhone. You can use it as your jukebox or a second music player. xDownload just makes downloading easier.

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