StratosFile: Document sharing in a social world

Review posted Wed 31 Aug '11
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We all know what a pain it is when you have to share an important document and your email service provider has constraints on the size that can be sent. It can involve downloading and installing software and that's something we all want to avoid if possible. StratosFile goes some way to solving that problem with this free sharing tool for PDF files that enables the easy uploading digital documents to your Facebook or Linkedin account from any internet connection.

StratosFile is a fun and easy to use document sharing app that provides a simple way to save and share your important documents to popular social networks, whether it's just a single page or a full document. Just upload your documents to StratosFile and share them immediately with your social networking contacts. It's totally secure and totally free.

There's no doubt that StratosFile fills a gap in the market. We've all had to deal with the computer message that tells us that the document we 're trying to send is too big and this does go some way to solving that problem. At the moment you can only send PDF files but the company will be adding more formats in the near future. The interface is uncomplicated and easy to use so even the most ludditesque of users shouldnt have a problem. Not even my dad.

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