Sellwire: An easy and secure way to sell your music, writing or videos online

Review posted Sun 23 Dec '12  ·  106 comments
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I am convinced that most people are basically pretty honest. If you give them a good, legal and easy way of downloading digital material they will go for it even if they have to pay for it. Take the whole music downloading situation. When it was difficult to find the music that people wanted they would risk bugs and prosecution and go to sites like Napster and Limewire to find the music they wanted. But as soon as a site like iTunes came along that was simple to use, customers were more than happy to use its services. Sellwire is an ecommerce application that provides everything to sell your digital content online and takes care of everything from uploading your file to the gateways needed to get you paid.
Sellwire is a new web app born out of a lack of good options for selling digital goods online and aims to make selling digital goods as simple as possible. Most people use Sellwire to sell things that they’ve made like plugins, scripts, ebooks, songs, videos and photos, Anything that you can “upload” as a single file you can sell. You can literally upload a file for Sellwire to host, add a descriptive photograph and share the link. Then people download your file and the app takes care of the complex e-commerce payment and you get paid instantly. They also provide plenty of tracking data so that users can get back to the important things like making more great products. Sellwire does all the necessary yet tiresome order tracking and reporting stuff so you can see your sales figures and earnings and find out when you are going to get paid. Payments go straight into your PayPal account so you don't need to wait on bank transfers to get paid. You can use Sellwire in any country that supports PayPal and is available for all the major currencies.
Rather than being an online store itself, Sellwire provides the eCommerce set up to enable you to get paid for your digital content. The online store is your totally your responsibility. Sellwire is a way for the small guy who produces original content, whether it be music, your writing or your video to have the same secure benefits as the big guys. It features regular updates - the most recent being the ability to add a descriptive photo to draw attention to your content and encourage more sales. Sellwire is a cost effective way of safely and securely making sure that your digital content gets paid for.

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