EasyPPT: Edit and view Powerpoint on your Android

Review posted Thu 20 Dec '12
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It's quite astonishing the development of the mobile phone over the last few years. You just have to take a look at some of those cheesy 80's American cop shows to see folks holding what looked like a house brick to their ear. These days smartphones are slick, lightweight, look cooler than cool and function as if you had your home computer in your pocket. But one area that has often proved a problem for PowerPoint users is how to work on presentations when away from your computer. Most will save their presentation onto a memory stick and carry it with them wherever they go but  EasyPPT gives you far better flexibility by letting you edit and view it on your Android.
The way this app works is by starting off by getting you to install a file to your PC and then selecting PC or phone. Then just enter the given IP address into the app and you can open up PowerPoint and view it in many of the ways as on your home PC. Once you are installed the app is remarkably easy to use and you can simply flip between screens, write and take photos to add to your presentations on the go. While it may not feature all the regular features of your home PowerPoint, it does feature all the important ones. Tap your way through slides and use the tools to edit, add text, draw and erase on your presentation. As you draw with either a pen or your finger it will also appear on your PC in real-time. You can even edit on the go by taking photos through your device's camera and have them appear in presentations which again appear on your home screen simultaneously allowing your team at home to see your changes as they happen. Remotely open your saved files from your Android and save your files and send them on to your PC.
EasyPPT is a problem solving application and the problem is editing and viewing PowerPoint presentations when away from your PC. The app is surprisingly easy to use considering there's a bit of downloading involved but after you've got it going its a breeze and gives you most of the features to edit and view your PowerPoint presentations when you're on the go. Great for last minute alterations and additions and keeps your fellow collaborators up to date with its real-time updates. What's more, EasyPPT is totally free.

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