Accuteach: Education collaboration for students and teachers alike

Review posted Fri 9 Dec '11
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Accuteach is the beginning of a new way of schooling developed by real classroom teachers from Atlanta, Georgia. It's an education and teaching app that is aimed at bringing teachers, students and parents into a much more collaborative environment than conventional teaching. Accuteach lets you upload and share lessons, blog, chat, create a calendar of events, share videos and connect with your whole school community.

Accuteach is an education app that let's you upload various file types directly from your computer and share lesson materials and connect with your entire school community. It let's you connect with other parents including your child's teacher and organize and share with other members of your school community. Groups can be used by teachers and other members of the community to do a number of things. One of the most practical uses of groups is the ability of users to create a class and have all students and parents join that group. The owner of the group will be able to set permissions for various entities. For example the owner may allow other members of the group to upload documents only within that group or allow them to create blogs within that group. A corner stone of this platform is the ability for users to create their own blog and share their expertise with ease.

The events calendar will allow users to create and give details about events and set permissions for those events as it relates to who can attend. Like any message board such as the Facebook wall or Twitter feed users will be able to share right from their home page or dashboard the latest news on the bulletin board. The users that you have added as contacts will be notified instantly. The messages posted on the blackboard will be visible to everyone. An awesome feature of AccuTeach is that users can easily configure all areas of the site to meet their needs. One of the powerful aspects of AccuTeach is the ability to save content from all over the internet to your account. All you have to do is bookmark AccuTeach to your browser and log on. When you navigate to any page with that browser the information will be saved to your account and you will be able to determine who can have access to that information.

There is no doubt that education is heading in this direction-and if it isn't it should be. Accuteach is an education and social app that aims to provide a more interactive method of teaching that involves teachers, their students and even their parents in the education process to keep everyone in the picture. It has elements of the social side of your favorite social networking sites but always with the emphasis on teaching and the transfer on knowledge. The big difference here, of course, is that it takes education away from the generally dull daily existence by injecting a new element to

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