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Review posted Sun 18 Dec '11
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I like these kind of electronic brainstorming business tools because they fulfil a double purpose. On the one hand, you have the ability to collaborate with various fellow workers who may be situated in the next office or in Timbuktu. However, by allowing groups to brainstorm anonymously from their computers rather than in person another interesting scenario crops up. The online chat room allows all your collective brainstorming to take place safely and securely in the room with no names attached to proposals or comments. This is a technique used by some of many Fortune 500 companies to promote brainstorming ideas from their staff members without any possibility of any office politics getting involved.

So what exactly is Electronic Brainstorming? It's basically a technique that allows groups to brainstorm anonymously from their computers rather than in person. The brainstorm starts when the group enters an online chat room and a facilitator or brainstorm leader posts the first topic. The users are free to type or read ideas at their own pace. No longer are they restricted by having to wait for the next person to finish talking before they can talk or by having to juggle both listening and developing their own thoughts at the same time. The anonymous aspect of the session ensures that the users can unleash their creativity rather than holding it back due to office politics or fear of sounding silly. After the brainstorm is over the facilitator can commence voting. The voting, which is also anonymous, ensures that what the group really thinks will be represented in the voting results. The facilitator can also elect to leave the session open for a longer period of time in case any new ideas pop up.

Monsoon's aim is to take the same techniques used by some of the biggest companies and making it affordable enough even for the humble student and non-profit companies as well as small to medium sized businesses. Its an online brainstorming and collaboration business tool that encourages your collective team come up with innovative ideas without fear of office politics. It's a very easy to use app that gives everyone a chance to input ideas. In fact, the hardest thing you'll probably have to deal with as a facilitator in the chat room will be to stop your staff bitching about each other and their working conditions rather than coming up with great new ideas.

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