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Review posted Mon 12 Dec '11  ·  19 comments
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PulseRadio is an immense online electronic music portal and radio channel tool that connects the artist to his audience as well as managers, labels, clubs, festivals and promoters. It can also have the ability to turn you into a megalomaniac DJ programmer overnight. Electro music people can be a weird bunch. You can often pick them by their twitchy faces and the constant tapping of their foot whenever they hear that strangely uplifting music that electronic can be. PulseRadio gives you the ability to unleash and advertise your own music out into the stratosphere by creating your own personal channel.

Pulse radio is an online Radio Channel that allows you to connect with other electronic music lovers around the world and share your love for music by giving you the tools to broadcast and program your favourite dj's, mixtapes, shows and podcasts. Program your own channel, which has its own unique URL, with your favourite music and content and gain your own followers and fans. Or maybe you can apply for an artist channel that allows you to upload and advertise your own music. Once you have created your own channel you can follow other artists and favourite mixtapes! Share Pulse radio provides you with the tools to share your bespoke mixtapes with your friends and then connect with others by following them and having them follow you. If you are an artist, label, agency or club, once you have a members channel you can then apply for a professional channel which also has it's own URL. Here you can upload your own mixtapes, podcasts and radio shows for free and share your mixtapes with your fans. Then it's easy to apply for additional pro channels and build your own network.

PulseRadio is an exciting do-it-yourself radio channel for the electronic musician which connects you to your fans and where you can share your music, videos, events and social networks to create your own fan base. It's an all-encompassing app that encourages all aspects of the electronic music community. If you are a manager you can create different channels for the different bars, clubs, labels and events while you can easily present and advertise your music if you are an artist. You can even link it up to your favorite social networking site. PulseRadio is a very convenient and powerful free broadcast tool that provides a conduit for the humble electronic musician to unleash their music to the rest of the world. Any serious artist would be foolish not to explore it's many fine traits.

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