SignNow: Electronic signatures for business and the one-off personal user

Review posted Fri 2 Dec '11
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There a few apps around that enable the electronic signing of documents, which is of course a legally recognized way of sealing a deal in many countries of the world these days. Most of the ones I’ve looked at though are geared to the business community which is fairly understandable given its regular and on-going requirement in this area. Signnow, whilst it is shortly to launch a ˈProˈ version, is very much an electronic signing tool for the one-off needs of personal users. With that in mind it follows that there are no registration procedures to go through and it’s all easy to navigate, hassle free and secure.

Getting started is easy and you can upload documents to the system in almost any format. If it’s a document that you yourself need to sign then you can simply hit the sign button and you’ll be given three options to complete the signature box. You can either type in a handwritten script, draw (which isn’t easy to get a neat a tidy result) or upload a scanned copy of your actual signature. Once this is done you can enter the email address of the recipient and send the document to them.

If you have a document that someone else needs to sign then it’s easy to add a sticky note to it to indicate where the signature is needed. It’s then a case of inviting the person to sign by adding their email address and hitting the ˈcompleteˈ button. As soon as is signed then both parties are sent a copy of the completed document, minus the sticky notes.

No documents are stored by signnow as they are deleted from the system as soon as each party has been sent a signed copy. In this respect it is obviously essential that you keep all of the relevant correspondence safely.


This free and simple to use app will certainly speed up the signing process and also cut out the need to send paper all over the place.   


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