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There are several different reasons why it is wise to add some sort of a site map or on-page guidance for your website. On the one hand, of course, there is the simple answer that visitors want to find what they are looking for easily and not to give them any reason to give up in frustration and go elsewhere. This streamlining of your information is the sort of thing that turns trial customers into paying customers. But there's also the matter of your call-center costs and customer support to take into consideration. Improving the traffic flow through your site will cut down on the amount of customer problems and calls saying you time and money. Iridize is a business customer service and feedback application that lets you add on-page guidance and site tours to your website.
Iridize is an easy way to enhance your visitors' user experience and improve your site's usability by adding on-page guidance and site-tours to your website. These eye catching add-ons can help your visitors overcome complexities, highlight key features as well as streamlining traffic through your desired flows. With Iridize you can guide your site visitors through step-by-step flows and procedures on a single page or through multiple pages. Each step highlights the relevant screen element, providing context and immediate call to action. Provide tips on various page elements that can range from what to type in a certain field, how to interact with an object or even information about special offers and discounts. Iridize automatically identifies new users and offers a “Getting started” guide while experienced users can enjoy guidance through advanced features. Take users though an interactive tour across your site. The app takes the user though multiple pages, while highlighting and explaining important features. Iridize offers a web-based back-end system for creating and managing your content and in just a few simple steps you can create a tip or interactive guide. Simply define the location on the page, add content and then define the logic of the flow. Having instructions and how-to's simplify complex web applications using process-oriented step-by-step dynamic guidance and  increase user engagement by actively converting passive users to active, paying ones. You can promote new or unused features and drive users to try them out. This can increase conversion rates and revenues of eCommerce sites as well as reducing the cost of call-center and/or customer support. All you have to do to add Iridize to your web pages is add a small script to the relevant page once.
The main purposes of Iridize are to keep your website visitors happy and to provide a nice little roadmap to show them where everything is. Not only does this make it easy for them to navigate your site but it will also cut down on your customer support. But not only that. By providing a simple pathway for your visitors to negotiate, you can more easily encourage your visitors to upgrade from casual visitors to paying customers. Iridize is an easy to use set of tools that look great and will encourage your customers and visitors to interact and, hopefully, turn their interest into dollars.

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