Book My Cloud: Essential free unlimited cloud storage, backup and transfer between two computers

Review posted Sat 7 Jul '12  ·  33 comments
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Book My Cloud is a free backup and cloud-based storage application that can be used for files, music and video but it may well be it's secondary use that makes it a very useful acquisition for your home or business. Where this virtual disk comes in really handy lies in its ability to access files from a second computer without the need to copy stuff onto disc to transfer it. It's simple to save your files in the cloud and access them quickly and easily  - no matter where you are or what time it is.
This free new feature rich cloud-based virtual disk is your personal cloud for backing up your important documents, music files and videos - meaning you will never lose your files again. It features unlimited storage space, simple drag & drop with no software to install. You can upload any file with a secure and safe backup then edit files, listen to your music and upload and view your videos online. It enables the user to view and sync files and documents between two computers via the cloud-based unlimited free storage. For your security reasons you decide who has access to see the documents. The clean, clear and easy to use interface uses simple drag & drop integration so editing and sharing is fast and familiar. You can even access it from your optimized mobile while you are on-the-go. This makes life very easy if you are working on a collaborative project on site as communication with colleagues and clients becomes easy and immediate. Teams working on the same project will find it immensely helpful too with simultaneous editing of files and documents.
There are several similar paid applications on the market that don't come up with as many features as Book My Cloud offers and, what's more,  it's totally free at the moment. And while its primary function lies in storage and backup I can see the obvious other benefits outweighing other elements. Forget about syncing or copying stuff onto disc or emailing documents between two computers because, with the free unlimited cloud based storage on offer you can access and edit the files whether you are in the next room or on the other side of the world. Essential!

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