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The legend of the world's first serial killer, nicknamed Jack The Ripper, has as many twists and turns as the JFK assassination and there have been countless books, TV series and movies made on the subject with little or no concrete solution as to his real identity. Ripperpedia is a comprehensive and excellently researched application for iPad and iPhone that features over 150 entries and 200 illustrations and videos that detail the exact evidence and people connected with one of the great unsoiled mysteries of all time.
Ripperpedia is the first dedicated Jack the Ripper factual reference app for iPhone and iPad and is a virtual who's who of all things Ripper. In 1888, the world's first internationally known serial killer, the murderer who became known to the world as 'Jack the Ripper', took the lives of a number of down-at-heel women in Whitechapel in the East End of London, an area known at the time for its dire poverty and criminal element. The Whitechapel Murders, as they have been become known, was the collective name for five gruesome murders that have captured the imagination of amateur sleuths for years. Between 1888 and 1893 there were actually eleven murders in the area that were investigated in connection with the Ripper case. Ripperpedia allows the user to cut through much of the mythological fog surrounding the case and access the facts. The victims, the witnesses, the suspects, the police officers, the evidence and the locales made notorious by the Ripper's deeds – all can be found here at the tap of a button, with in-text links allowing the user to move around the entries at will.
Because of the specific nature of some of the wounds on the five Ripper murders there has long been the suspicion that Jack The Ripper's true identity was a surgeon in his daily life. Others have suggested it was he was member of London's elite gentlemen and even the aristocracy. Yes, there has been as many suspects in the case as there are multimillionaires at a Republican convention. Ripperpedia is a brilliantly researched and beautiful looking app from the minds of Ripperphiles Adam Wood and John Bennett that deals with all aspects of the Ripper phenomena and gives you a close up look at the world's original serial killer.

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