ExpenseCloud: Expense Reports on Autopilot

Review posted Fri 11 Nov '11
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This is a good looking app that will take away the pain of expense reporting and all of the tatty paper receipts that go with it. It will also make the life of the approver that much easier whilst at the same time making sure company policy is adhered to.

There are a few business expense apps out there in the cloud and this one is up there with them as far as functionality goes. It can also integrate with a lot of other systems such as Quickbooks, FreshBooks and NetSuite.

For guys out on the road recording expenses is easy with the app available on iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices. The corresponding receipts can be photographed and uploaded replacing the age old custom of stuffing them anywhere you can find room. On top of this all credit card transactions can be securely downloaded to the system on a daily basis and a default expense report created. Should any claims submitted include sums that need to be re-billed to clients then the system can handle that too.

For the guys doing the approving of employee expense claims they no longer need dread that pile of stapled receipts attached to a spreadsheet arriving on their desk.  With everything done online they are immediately notified by email when a claim has been put forward and can simply click to view and do the necessary. Any breach of policy will be flagged to both submitter and approver with a box for any explanation included.

With all of this information captured it’s not surprising that ExpenseCloud can produce some useful reports for management. These will give a great insight into the spending habits of the workforce with information searchable by category, merchant and client amongst many others. These reports come with the obligatory pie charts of course.

This is a great looking app and a free one as far as all of the expense functions go. It’s not clear what it costs for any add-ons or integrations though. That said I can’t see it being a real issue so if you want to drag your expense procedure into the modern world you could do a lot worse than look at this one.

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