One Touch Dial - speed dial call your favorite contacts and quick photo dialer for social networks.: The fastest and prettiest speed dialer in town

Review posted Mon 23 Sep '13
One Touch Dial - speed dial call your favorite contacts and quick photo dialer for social networks. One Touch Dial - speed dial call your favorite contacts and quick photo dialer for social networks. Info Visit


The speed dial! It's been around for years but, to be quite honest, it's never really been presented in a way that looks good. It's really all just been about hitting a button and calling someone fast. One Touch Dial is an phone application for iOS that takes the concept of the speed dialer to quite a different level by letting you create icons that will not only take you to a phone call but also to your favorite contacts like email, text messaging or any of your social networks.
One Touch Dial is an amazing speed dial app that enables you to create speed dial icons to connect with people with one simple touch via phone call, text, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, email and Skype. This means that, with this easy to use speed dial app,  it takes only one tap to connect with your favorite contacts at incredibly fast speed. Just assign a contact icon or a favorite photo and choose up to five different ways to connect with them. This latest version is loaded with additional features such as improved management of contacts on screen, drag and drop facilities for certain operations and better aesthetics such as removal of "+" symbol on empty cells. A creative and very user friendly interface makes One Touch a pleasure to use with up to fifteen contacts available to be viewed on one single screen and both text and calling facilities available at the touch of your fingertip. While the app is great for all users, it would prove especially useful for kids to use - they can just tap on a photo of mom or dad to be immediately connected. Older people with poor eyesight and drivers wanting to make a quick call home while sitting at the lights would also find it a very handy addition to their mobile apps.
One Touch Dial has proven more and more popular since it was first released and this is primarily down to its  lightning fast speed dial action and its beautiful interface. You can assign each of the fifteen contacts on your screen a different icon or photo (there are lots of icons to choose from) and dial with just one quick tap. Icons are fully customizable and you can change their sizes and background colors as well as switching mug shots with ease. Finally, you can use the icons to connect with any of your social networks and be connected with Facebook or Twitter in a flash. You could do the same for Skype or your email account too, if you like. One Touch is a lightning fast speed dialer that will connect you with all your most used iPhone contacts as well as managing to look great. And if you are's free!

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