PocketCloud Explore: Is this file sharing management app the best of the year?

Review posted Thu 5 Apr '12
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Well first up, let's get the plaudits out of the way. PocketCloud Explore was named Best Mobile App at the recent Mobile World Congress by Laptop Magazine and MSNBC Gadgetbox. It was also named Best App Ever by another organization. So why does utter so many accolades? Because it's the missing link that we've been looking for, that's why. Explore let's you grab all your photos, multimedia and documents on your computers while you are out and about on your smartphone. Wherever and whenever you like.
Gee, we've really moved on over the last few years when attempting to transfer files from one device to another. First up it was by using bulky wires to connect your devices and then, with the advent of Bluetooth and Wifi, it was made easier again. PocketCloud Explore is a  next generation file sharing application for Android, iPad and iPhone that gives you access to all your photos, multimedia and documents on your computers while on the go. Its basically the missing link between your desktop computer and your mobile phone. This means that you can safely leave your laptop behind and you won't even have to worry about copying or syncing files - just grab anything you need whenever and wherever you need it and all via your mobile phone. What's more, if you are only accessing your stuff from one computer it's easy to use and absolutely free.
Thankfully, you'll be pleased to know that one doesn't have to be a computer wizard to use PocketCloud Explore. It's just a case of installing the app on your computer as well as on your mobile, then just enter your Google login details and you can access your desktop on your computer. Download on your files is surprisingly quick and the intuitive interface makes it simple to use - especially considering the complexity of it's achievements. While one could use a storage device when on the go it's far more useful and considerably cheaper to use the technology available and go for the next generation file sharing app.

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