Tweet Category: Filter out the tweets you aren't interested in

Review posted Wed 19 Dec '12
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I'm not so sure that the individual Twitter user will find Tweet Category particularly useful unless they are feeling a little nerdish but for business analysis it's one of those apps that's going to save you a lot of time. This social media monitoring and analysis application for iPad was designed with love and care to try and make some order out of the copious amount of tweets coming your way everyday to enhance theTwitter experience. Tweet Category sorts your tweets into preselected categories so you don't have to even think about the ones that don't interest you ... leaving you to concentrate on the important ones. And at the end you will get a nice report to analyze the results.
The developers of Tweet Category are hugeTwitter fans and designed this monitoring app to simplify and enhance the whole experience. They figure, quite rightly, that there is a vast amount of pictures, links, music and even porn, being sent in your general direction that you will never look at (well, maybe the porn) so it provides an easy way to filter it out. The way it works is by downloading your hashtag tweets into your iPad for sorting them into user-created  categories. Then your tweets can be sorted either manually  or automatically into their relevant section and you can do in minutes what could take you hours normally. Just drag and drop your tweets into their baskets, filter out ones you aren't interested in and outThe others into sections like photos, advertisers and ones you need to follow up on fast. Youget the picture? You can create as many categories as you  want and, at the end,  you will get a detailed, custom PDF report with all your statistics and tweets. Companies obviously believe in the Tweet Category concept and radio, TV, events organizers from all over the world use  it.
Tweet Category is an excellent marketing application that will save your lot of time. The point of the exercise is to get your tweets organized and categorized so you can read the ones that matter. For an event organizer it enables you to prioritize tweets into sections like reviews, catering, the show itself and Tweet gives you a print out at the end of the day so you can show your team how well a campaign is going and where it may need some improvement. While many think that by simply promoting their product or event on social media that their work is done but, in truth, it's often the fine tuning and attention to detail that separates a good event from a great one. And Tweet Category is a fine set of tools to help you achieve that goal.

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