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Review posted Sun 2 Sep '12  ·  20 comments
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The Google Play Android app market is full to the brim with apps of all shapes and sizes and genres with some being free and some being paid. Quite often, the only difference between the two is a few ads or a few features missing. So how do you trawl through the thousands of apps available to find the one you want and that suits your purpose as well as being totally free to use? Antiroid provides the answer to that conundrum by showing free versions of similar apps that might end up serving you just as well as the real thing.
For Android developers, there has always been piracy problems associated with versions of their apps but antiroid only finds free legal apps with similar attributes to the one you are looking for. But with the amount of Android apps featured in Google Play you can only imagine how time consuming it is to find comparison apps that cost no money and provide a similar service. Antiroid makes it simple find similar free apps just by scrolling through the seemingly endless list of apps or by typing your desired app into the search box, lighting the blue touch paper and seeing what comes up. Antiroid provides a different application from a different developer or manufacturer that is totally free. Many of you may have used sites like Appplanet or Snappz in the past to download these applications for free but, as with sites like MegaUpload, the FBI have confiscated their domains while awaiting trial for possibly violating the law. What's more, not downloading your content without contributing anything to the developer (with or without advertising) does nothing for the app industry and could lead it in the same direction as the music download business. Sometimes developers create a free version and a paid version - the only difference being the absence of advertising in this second.
If an app cost under a dollar or so then there really isn't a problem here as I'm more than happy to flip a coin or two in the developer's direction but when they start to move into double figures it's probably time to look for a similar alternative. It's simple to use and just involves looking through the paid app on the left of the screen and seeing its free alternative on the right. If you choose to look further into the app it's just a lick away from Google Play and your download. As far as I'm aware, there isn't another app like antiroid on the market that finds free alternatives and it seems rather silly to blindly download a pricey app without checking with antiroid first.

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