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Review posted Sun 24 Mar '13
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A few years ago I tailored my skills as a writer by writing a blog for a video and DVD organization but I would spend half my time researching interesting information on what I thought my reading audience wanted to hear. These days, those same research skills are still used by writers and businesses worldwide though things are a wee bit better organized and analyzed in the techno savvy 21st Century. Inbound writer is an Internet marketing app for writers to optimize their online content and gives them a much clearer vision of what their viewing audience is talking about and what they are interested in hearing about.
Writers and marketers continuously struggle with how to efficiently and meaningfully connect with online audiences. Content is increasingly a primary component of these efforts. But what is good online content? How can it be objectively measured? And if your content needs work, what can be done  about it? InboundWriter's single focus is to make it effortless for writers and marketers to improve their online content, encourage more traffic and heighten their online presence. It uses cloud-based software, incorporating real-time information gathered from the web, to automate the process of optimizing your online content. The application naturally integrates tailored best practices and deep insights directly into the writing process to realize dramatic improvements in reach and engagement in an elegant, automated and scalable fashion.  InboundWriter's award-winning software leverages real-time information from the web to understand how your content is likely to perform. As a result you can positioned your content to achieve your business goals – driving reach, engagement, ranking and conversion. InboundWriter drives dramatic improvements in both paid and organic site traffic as well as search engine ranking, making it an indispensable tool for improving content reach and engagement. It’s quick and easy to use and as simple to use as spellcheck and its even a little fun.
To cut a long story short, this is an app for marketers to see what their viewing audience wants and is talking about. It gives them the raw materials so they can tailor their advertising strategy with more Tweets, better and more relevant status updates and enticing information for their viewers. This all comes with the express intentions of increasing traffic through the site and increasing sales - its as simple as that - and is just as useful to a Fortune 500 organization as it is to a lone blogger. InboundWriter, as you'd expect, is an elegant, powerful and easy to use set of tools that gathers the information that your customers want to hear about from social networks and the Internet. After that, it's up to you to pass that information back to your audience.

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