Perch: Find out what your local competition is up to

Review posted Sun 29 Apr '12  ·  117 comments
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To truly compete as a small business In your local area it is a good idea to be aware of what your competitors are doing and be able to adapt to any promotions they have going. If the pizza store down the road has a two-for-one deal going on you'd better have a pretty good pizza to be able to compete with them. Perch is a local marketing business tracking tool for smartphone that monitors social media and promotional activity for businesses in your local neighborhood.
It's a mobile app designed for small business owners that delivers a live, personalized stream of social media and promotion activity for businesses in the neighborhood. There are tools that allow you to access a feed of the online activity of nearby businesses in your category and track how other businesses are engaging customers with social media. You can also check out trends and details from nearby promotions, daily deals and check-in specials - all delivered to your Android or iPhone (or any smartphone or mobile, if it comes to that.) It's an easy way to save time, stay aware and make effective everyday decisions with a bird’s eye view of your local business neighborhood and let's you discover and track how other businesses are engaging customers with their social media campaigns.
If you ask some people about how you should run your retail business they will say that you should concentrate on your own game. The idea being that if you do what you do really well then no one can compete with you. Well, reputations mean little in today's retail world and, if you don't react quickly to what your local competitors are doing, they are going to steal your business quick smart. Perch gives you a birds-eye view in real-time of deals and promotions that your neighbors around you are offering giving you the opportunity to offer a deal of your own and stay competitive...or maybe you'd rather not know?

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