ReadCube - Free Reference Manager: Find, read and organize academic papers - a pleasure to use

Review posted Sat 26 Nov '11
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While ReadCube doesn't contain anything earth shatteringly extra to similar apps like Papers For Macintosh, Mendeley and Zotero, it is a very useful and attractive looking alternative to have around. ReadCube streamlines PubMed / Google Scholar searches and article downloads, helps researchers to organize and annotate publications as well as creating references with Endnote and simplifying the whole literature research thing.

ReadCube was started by a researcher and a computer scientist to address the challenges faced by scientists. What started in a Harvard College dorm room as a tool to help organize and find scientific papers quickly turned into something rather more. All your articles can now be in one place as well as being full-text searchable with your highlights and sticky notes. Here are some of the other tools on offer from ReadCube. For a start, you can quickly and easily view PDF's within your browser and directly from the journal website while using clickable in-line references with a direct link to the reference article. There's an integrated view of the supplement, any associated news and opinions as well as editorial comments and a direct link to related links on the jornal's website. There's a direct download of annotated PDF's into the attractive ReadCube desktop library for additional functionality and convenience. You can also highlight and annotate directly into the browser. ReadCube also generates daily recommendations for recently published articles that may be of interest to you based on the contents in your library. It's organizational capabilities are excellent and a pleasure to navigate meaning you will locate the papers you need fast and download with one click. Reference citation and creation also becomes very easy.

An enhanced PDF viewing experience with ReadCube means more traffic, more views and more benefit to your customers, that's for sure. While not being a revolutionary tool ReadCube has many great functions and does help you stay on top of the latest research with relevant articles automatically recommended every day. But probably the best things about ReadCube is it's ease of use and it's smart and snappy interface which makes it a pleasure to use. 

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