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Review posted Thu 22 Dec '11
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AsPDF is one of those types of apps that I love the most. While it appears to be little more than a place to submit and share PDF's - generally not the most exciting and fun concept - there are two different functions that AsPDF can  fulfill. One the one hand it's a place to find thousands of manuals, documents and research material on anything from cancer research to any number how-to manuals. But on a sneakier and very clever level it could also be a place where you could effectively store all your home manuals and technical information and keep it in the cloud rather than in that messy drawer under the TV set.
AsPDF is a free PDF app for webmasters, developers and coders as well as just regular surfers. It lets the user find, store and share PDF's and it is a wonderfully easy and surprisingly useful tool to use.  In a similar way to other apps like FAQ PAL and Read Easy, this sharing tool let's you submit and share your eBook PDF files and download owner manuals, user guides, wiring diagrams, tutorials and how-to manuals quickly, accurately and totally free. There are heaps of categories to browse through including technical stuff, lifestyle and home decorating? So,  how does it work? When you have searched and found the document you are looking for just click on the download button beside the document. The document viewer is powered by Google Docs. To view a document online just click on the view online button beside the document image. See, i told you it was simple. Our document viewer is powered by Google Docs. Now if you want to submit a PDF toASPDF just enter your name, email address, a url of pdf file and click then the submit button. If the document is not in the AsPDF database they will review your submission and will include your PDF file in our database (if qualified) within 48 hours.
AsPDF is a find, submit and share PDF application that seems to deliver far more than it appears to. While it is generally a place to find any number of manuals, guides and how-to paraphernalia - and, believe you me, there are heaps on file - it can also be a place to store all that technical stuff that you've diligently kept for years and only looked out once when the power went off. So why not keep all that stuff in a safe and secure place in the cloud where you can access it whenever you want and wherever you are. AsPDF is a very simple and free PDF sharing app that will surprise you with it's many uses.

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