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Review posted Sun 17 Feb '13
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Somehow, up until now, the concept of fishermen and a social network didn't quite sit right with me. I don't know if it's the fact that fishing is an outdoor activity and the complete opposite of the original idea f the social network. But with the explosion of the mobile and tablet phenomenon everything has changed now. Now fishermen can sit proudly alongside workers, photo enthusiasts and students in having their own network. Fishfeed Mobile is a community where you can do all those things that a network does including sharing videos and photos with other fishing enthusiasts.
If you have a passion for sportfishing, FishFeed is a community where you can connect with others who love to fish and share photos and videos of all the fish you've caught as well as seeing all the latest catches at a glance. FishFeed provides a platform for connecting sportfishing enthusiasts through simple photo and video sharing. FishFeed distributes photos of the newest catches to a receptive community in an instant. Because anglers want to keep their fishing locations fairly secret, they can choose to display the location data on a per post basis and never risk giving away that private fishing hole. You can follow your favorite users and engage them in conversation through the robust commenting features. Rating content is as easy as tapping the 'Like' button. Content discovery is given prime consideration with an explore screen that shows the latest, most popular and nearest posts at a glance. Anglers can easily organize and search for posts by #hashtags, as well as referencing each other with the familiar @user tagging system. In short, FishFeed is a fully featured tool, for pro and amateur anglers alike, to connect with each other in a fun and useful way.
We all know what those fishing people are like, don't we. Completely single-minded. Start a conversation about potatoes and pretty soon you'll be talking about the 30lb carp that was caught at that secret fishing place last week. Well, FishFeed Mobile will be filled with folks like that. They will be posting videos and photos of their latest catches and boasting about the one that got away back in 2002 before you know it. FishFeed is a pretty simple little social network that is a bit like the local fishing club of old. Somewhere to brag about your latest catch and have some social fishy fun.

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