TwitChapterz: A flipbook to share your memories

Review posted Wed 14 Dec '11  ·  20 comments
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If you've had a look at apps like the award winning FlipBoard you'll know how glorious they make all your thoughts look. Suddenly all your thoughts, updates, pictures and links look as if they have been handed over to a design company and they produce a glossy magazine based on your content. TwitChapterz is an interesting way to create and share your defining life moments in flipbook format with friends and family via your Twitter account.
TwitChapterz is an interesting way for you to create and share life chapterz and defining moments from your tweets. It lets you create a book where each chapter is devoted to anything important that's ever happened to you. That epic road trip to California last year, your graduation, your wedding or a birthday event, maybe. Let's say you have the most amazing holiday headong to LA, then up Highway One through Monterey and Big Sur to San Francisco before heading inland past the Napa Valley to Yosemite and then down to Sequoia and finally down to Vegas. Pretty amazing trip, eh? So naturally you want to share the experience with others. So you just create the Californian Road Trip chapter in TwitChapterz. Now, whenever you tweet from the app, it will be posted to your life chapter. Its different to Twitter in that your tweets are 'organized' into chapters which is much more useful and heaps more fun. Any chapter can further be shared as a blog to Facebook and any other of your favorite social networks. Create as many chapters as you like then just share and enjoy.
TwitChapterz is a flipbook app for Twitter, Facebook and other social network users that will make your pet projects into professional publications. Flipbooks are the logical offspring of the scrapbooking phenomena enjoyed for years by mothers and children everywhere but, now that it has taken on a digital format, appeals to everyone to virtually archive their lives. TwitChapterz is a marvelously beautiful and fun tool that not only records your favorite moments in your life but is totally free and very easy to use.

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