Barcode-x: Free barcode reader to put your inventory on your iPhone

Review posted Thu 12 Dec '13
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Of course, there are heaps of barcode readers available on the intent but here's one that is the only app that can truly say that it can replace a professional barcode reader. Barcode-x is a free business application that replaces often expensive PDA terminal systems and enables you to keep track of your inventory by turning your iOS into a mobile barcode scanner. This easy to use set of tools uses state-of-the-art technology to help track item movement and stock levels whether you run a distribution centre or a retail shop.
Barcode-x uses an intuitive and smart looking interface to simplify your inventory tracking process. It gives you the option to edit the item's description as well as registering the quantity of any item you scan. It also offers continuous and single shot scan mode, manual barcode entry, manual and autofocus modes. There is flash control, iTunes or Email CSV/TXT inventory file sharing, Internet search engines for specific barcodes and it also supports exported items snapshot files in JPG and PNG. The CSV/TXT inventory file can be opened with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, MySQL, SQL Server or Oracle.
Regular readers of FeedMyApp will know only too well that we think that QR coding will take over the world when the general public finally latch onto what it can do for them but, at the moment, it's in business where it is having the biggest impact. Stock control and inventory can be a time consuming and costly exercise but Barcode-x is a simple free solution to the problem. It opens the door for small business to track its stock with the same efficiency as the big boys.  With its intuitive and easy-to-use user interface, Barcode-x is a great solution for inventory and item movements whether you are running a distribution centre, warehouse, stock room or just the local corner store. What's more, you can do it from your iPhone or iPad.

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