Nutcache: Free multilingual invoicing and time tracking for small business

Review posted Sun 4 Aug '13
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If you are a small business or a freelancer it has never been easier to present a professional appearance for your business. With the amount of excellent free apps available these days there is certainly no excuse for putting  out second rate invoicing and estimations. Nutcache is a free invoicing and time-tracking application that lets you create as many invoices and estimates complete with your own logo as well as providing time sheets and other tools to keep track of your employees billable hours.
Nutcache is a free, multilingual online application for invoicing & time management that is the perfect solution for small business and freelancers. The app provides your clients with a quality invoicing experience by creating an unlimited number of invoices and estimates with your own logo and lets you quickly send them to an unlimited number of clients so you get paid faster. The time saved lets you spend your time doing more important and productive things. Nutcache helps you manage all of your projects efficiently and easily and keep track of all your ongoing projects. The time management tools included in this free online application allow you to log all your employees' hours on various projects so that you may bill your clients accordingly. It also serves as a time-tracking app and keeps all your projects in one place as well as managing your employees' time sheets. Keeping track of your expenses can sometimes be a tedious task but Nutcache's expense manager lets you log, track and even invoice your expenses painlessly and negates the need to hire an accountant. Nutcache helps you record and handle your accounts using real-time reporting and gives more visibility to your accounting system - helping you to stay up-to-date on your business's progress and seeing where all of your money is going to and coming from. You can track unpaid invoices amounts, taxable amounts, revenue by client or product or even monitor your client's average payment time. It lets you filter your reports by date, client, projects and more as well as keeping track of your accounts receivable. Nutcache is accessible anywhere you are and anytime you need it. IIn other words, Nutcache allows you to manage your business finances and track your time even if you are at home or on a business trip.
Nutcache is another of those apps that we love here at FeedMyApp. It provides a very professional free service that gives small business of all kinds the chance to appear to be as well organized as their big competitors and gives them a chance to compete on a level playing field. It's very simpler to use and is already in use in over 75 countries around the world. Unlike many other similar accounting applications Nutcache offers its whole package to you for free and claims it will always be that way for customers that sign up now. There's no downloads and no software - just sign up and get started straight away.

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