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Review posted Fri 21 Dec '12
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Back before Facebook hit its tipping point and took over the world it used to be so much fun to get on MSN or Yahoo and chat with your friends all around the world. You could video chat and have conference calls where others could join in and, despite it's limitations, it served its purpose exceptionally well. But when Facebook added chat to its arsenal of goodies it signaled the slow demise of that format and I read recently that Microsoft are shutting down MSN in favor of a revamped Skype setup in 2013. Facebook really hasn't developed the chat box concept and there's definitely room to exploit that lethargy. So Reflap is a healthy looking alternative to both Skype and Facebook chat.
Reflap could be considered as a better option these days than a phone number. This is video chat at its finest and is probably pretty close to the way we will end up communicating with each other in the future. For a start, ou don’t need to worry about long distance calls or losing your phone because your call address is permanent.  This is a web app that makes communication simpler and more convenient and allows you to easily stay in touch with your friends and family even when you are on the go. Create a permanent call address and share it with anyone you like and, whenever you are shown as being available, anyone with your unique address can call you  whether they are a member or not. There is no need for the caller to join the service or download and install anything. If you like, you  can start a quick group video chat called a 'kickback' that's similar to Google Hangouts. Kickbacks can have up to four frends in group chat and isn't restricted to Reflap members - any friend that knows the link can join in.  All you have to do is to start off the kickback and share it on Facebook, Twitter or by email. If you want to meet new people you can try the 'bouncing' feature and meet people on the go from your school, city or any country of your choice.
All you need to bring to the table with Reflap is a computer with Adobe Flash installed, a webcam - if you want to make video calls -  and, of course,  your sparkling personality. It's very simple to use, totally free and seems to be a viable alternative to Skype and Google Hangouts. It has the ability to act as a one on one video chat room as well as multi person rooms without the need for the caller to download or install anything. It offers the chance to chat with old friends or to make new ones using the 'bouncing' feature. Reflap is a great video chat app that could well put social chatting back on the agenda and steal back some of Facebook's advantage.

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