Wars Online - Defend Your Kingdom: Fun and addictive strategic battles in real time

Review posted Thu 15 Nov '12
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I think the number one thing that developers strive to put into their games is that mystery addictive gene. It's the thing that makes you say to yourself "Oh okay, I'll just play one more game" and end up playing three. Now when you add that addictiveness to a war game you get the double whammy. War games are always addictive. So, we introduce this new strategic battle game Wars Online where you can jump into a medieval battle tournament with people all around the world. This 2D colorful and action packed game - part tower defense and part real-time RPG - will keep gamers of all ages occupied for ages.
Wars Online - Defend Your Kingdom is a wild, fun strategic battle game that is as addictive as the best of them. Battle against real opponents from all over the world, collect gold, upgrade every aspect of your forces and push your armies to total domination. Utilizing equal parts tower defense action and real-time RPG action the game lets you build up a medieval army complete with diverse foot soldiers, upgradeable weapons, effective healers, bomb brigades, and more! The revolutionary cannon controls allow you to adjust how far and at what trajectory each gun fires. Earn respect in fierce multiplayer battles against real opponents, destroy and conquer your foes in vast, non-linear single player. Take on anyone in the world in Heads up Battle and brag about your victories via Facebook and Twitter. Wage your own Medieval War Campaign in single player mode and featuring 30 unique battles. Every victory rewards you with a king’s ransom in gold which you can then use to upgrade your forces. Defend your kingdom against hordes of archers, warriors, evil wizards and other ruthless fiends in this medieval fantasy war game and, with a powerful army and a mighty arsenal of weapons, there is no end to the strategies you can use.
Wars online is a fun and addictive strategic battle game that would actually be fun for most games whether eight or eighty - well, maybe that's pushing it a bit. The gameplay is simple enough for youngsters to handle. Assuming they can get to grips with the cannon, that is. The strategic side of pitting your armies against the oncoming hordes will appeal to older gamers. The game itself is very colorful and cartoon-like which gives it an old school feel and is genuinely fun and seriously addictive.

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