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One of the most frustrating things about learning a new language is the rather dull methods of learning generally available. Wouldn't it be great if you could learn the language from own your favorite source material. StudyStream is a language app that lets you personalize and learn a language from one of your favorite online videos or news stories or even a blog.

StudyStream is a revolutionary way of learning a new language while browsing your favorite multimedia sources whether it be movies, music, TV shows, news articles, magazines or books. Studying can begin immediately by learning to understand a language from the things that most interest you. By studying those things that most interest you. It's easier to efficiently learn the words and expressions that are most important to without wasting time on irrelevant concepts that are easily forgotten. It also ensures that you learn natural expressions that are commonly used by native speakers.It will make it easier to remember what you learn when you are familiar with the source material. Not only does StudyStream base your learning program on study materials that interest you but it also optimizes the review process based on your study habits and individual learning curve.

StudyStream is a language tool for all ages - just change your media source for the younger ones and can be adapted for every age whether you are just starting out or have practically mastered the language. StudyStream have created a unique language learning app which really is the personalized, interactive and fluid learning experience that they claim. This fast and free app could change the way we all learn a new language. Anything that gets rid of those dull language books of old has got to be good.

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