MiiCard: The future of online verification

Review posted Mon 19 Dec '11
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Miicard could well be the future of online verification. With fraud at an all-time high and criminals constantly looking for new ways of ripping off the intrepid  internet adventurer there has to be a new way of maintaining trust in your online transactions. Miicard provides you with a digital password and enables you to prove your identity to the same level that your travel passport or drivers license does.

The miiCard Digital Passport is changing the way we trust and transact online. For the first time you can prove your identity to the same level as your travel passport or driver's licence entirely online. With miiCard you are always in control. You validate create and manage your identity using information only you know and bank level security protects you and your data. The big benefit here is your ability to buy and sell high value goods with confidence on auction sites, classifieds and small web shops. You can create real trust and maintain your good reputation on social networking sites and allow you to connect safely and know exactly who you're talking to on dating and personals sites. As the phrase goes, "she said her name was Marilyn...but is that Monroe or Manson?" Miicard makes it easier to apply and get approved for bank products, loans, mortgages and new accounts entirely online.  miiCard regularly re-validates your Digital Identity so it's ready when you need it and lets you share your verified identity with others and participating businesses to speed up approvals and purchases.

Miicard is a safe, fast and easy to use digital password tool that will end up making your life easier if you wish to get involved with online transactions. A simple verification tool in place will ensure a smooth ride through everything from overseas purchases to online dating and even bank loans. If you are one of the first 10,000 to sign up then the service is free for life which can't be sniffed at. I guess at some point we'll all have to own an online password so it makes total sense to get this one while it's free.

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