Duck Fart: Quack! Get the farting duck for Android

Review posted Sun 8 Jan '12
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Let's face it, who doesn't like a good fart joke? It's guaranteed to break the ice at parties, that's for sure. Duck Fart is a fun entertainment application for Android that continues the classy tradition of fart applications like 101 Farts and Whoopee Cushion letting you relieve the tension (no pun intended) in tight situations where you need something to lighten the load. Gee, there were a lot of double entendres in there, weren't there?

Sometimes you need just a little stress relief. The deranged Duck Fart app can take away your mental anguish for just a moment and give you a little comic recess on the go! That's right. Now you can have your very own farting duck right on your mobile device to keep you company and pass a little gas when he needs to. Maybe you are stuck in a boring conversation that needs a little something to lighten proceedings. Be the life of the party and whip out your farting duck. Impress the girls at work with your Android humor. Get the Duck Fart app on your phone before he flys away. Quack!
There's not a huge amount more to be said about a farting duck. I mean, all it does is fart on request and most guys seem to have the ability to do that anyway, don't they? At least this way only one of your senses is subjected to the farting onslaught. The Duck Fart app is, of course, simple to use and the duck is pretty cute. And its free, of course. If farting ducks are what you are looking for in an Android app then you have come to the right place. Just don't use it in front of your mother or the police force though.

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