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Review posted Wed 12 Jun '13
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You'll find that the bigger organizations can afford to hire specific professionals to handle the concerns of their customers and to make sure that their business run smoothly but that's not such a viable prospect for smaller companies who run on a very tight budget. However, an app like Heeduser helps you realize that no matter how small your business is, it is still possible to get good feedback.  With a little bit of guile and crowd sourcing you can go that extra step with this free community feedback application and give your online visitors even better customer service and improve their loyalty to your product, brand or event.
Heeduser is an easy to use community powered customer and visitor engagement platform that is specifically designed for small and medium size companies. The aim is to reduce customer attrition, increase conversion rates, build visitor and customer engagement, acquire more customers, drive product innovation and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. You can join for free and create an online community for your online customers and engage your audience to drive your growth. The app helps you collect feedback and offer instant help to your customers and visitors. Let your users and visitors post ideas, bugs, complements and questions and search existing feedbacks by various criteria including, category, status, priority and assignee. Then you can easily manage the feedback you get write replies to your messages, set up an action status to address the problem, add the products that people want to see on your site as well as sharing news and much more. Get great marketing ideas from your visitors, watch as they vote for ideas and respond to questions they find common, write replies, share topics, find help, and contribute for product innovation. Add products to communities so that people tag feedbacks under the appropriate products or services which in turn helps other people to find appropriate the support for their question. The easy-to-use admin module clearly identifies and prioritizes your users' needs, helping you to best define and implement any needed changes. The app provides a secure way of communication within community with real time, persistent collaborative chat for the community. Heeduser helps reduce support cost by letting your customers do a lot of the work and help other customers or visitors.
Heeduser has given the smaller company the chance to better their customer service with this 'built from the ground up' customer-facing engagement community. It gives you a cheap and reliable place where your customers and visitors can ask questions, share new ideas, report on problems as well as truly engaging with the brands and companies they care about. You can see the way your customers view new ideas in the voting area and be ahead of your competitors when it comes to innovating ideas that have been asked for. Heeduser is a great source of information that won't involve you hiring a team of consultants. Your consultants in this free app are your customers.

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