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Review posted Mon 16 Jul '12
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Thank goodness that LoveGov isn't the personal app of disgraced former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. Instead, with a US election just around the corner in November, LoveGov is a non partisan news and US politics application that features a whole heap of powerful tools to aid and inform the politically active and those that wish to be. This free networking app helps you stay abreast with issues, nationally and locally, that are going to help you to form your voting habits come years end.
At LoveGov the aim is to create powerful tools to streamline the process of being politically active which is hoped will lead to more engaging politics. The developers already have some unique and very useful political tools and are constantly developing new ones that will enable users to be informed on issues and also to stay current with legislation that they care about and connect you with your representative. LoveGov committed to non-partisanship, government transparency and the right to personal privacy. LoveGov will inform you on all the most important issues, keep you current with legislation that you care about and connect you with your representatives. Define your political beliefs by answering a few questions about political issues based on legislation that has appeared in congress over the past few years and see where you stand politically in your social world. Compare yourself with presidential candidates and congress as well as your friends. Make petitions, share news and debate the issues of the day with others.
I used to have a 'don't vote, it only encourages them' philosophy when it came to politics but times are getting tougher now and your vote does really count. You only have to quiz Jeb Bush and Al Gore on that one to know how true it can be. The fact is, with so many specific policies like Obamacare, the direction of the economy and Gay Marriage to be determined by who gets into the coveted White House in November, it seems virtually important to me that Americans get involved with the issues where their voices can be heard. And i'm not talking about the Fox Network! LoveGov, however, is one of those places where you can get clued up and get involved.

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