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Review posted Mon 7 May '12  ·  18 comments
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Let's get this straight from the start. hicup is not an internet dating site. It's more like a social app for friendship with like-minded people in your local neighborhood and worldwide. Not that there's anything wrong with Internet relationships. In fact, like-minded friendship is probably a better place to start a relationship than anywhere else but that's another story. I just wanted to establish that this social networking app isn't aimed at the dating kind specifically. Now we've cleared that up lets get on with talking about hicup.
When you think about it, Hicup is a social application that actually mirrors how people meet up in the real world out there - by having similar interests. It is a fun and unique free social media app that helps you find people in your neighborhood and beyond who share your interests. It's location-based technology connects you with people who like the same things you do. Maybe you are looking locally for a cycling buddy? Or you might be thinking about meeting a “pen pal” to chat about shopping in New York with?  Link up with a fellow follower of your favorite sporting team to get local gossip or just find someone who likes the same music as you do. Wherever you are and whatever your interests - hicup makes it easy to meet people based on what you have in common. Thankfully, you are not required to create a long detailed profile or share your personal information on other social networking sites. hicup works in a simpler way to most online social meeting places. Just create a simple profile based on your interests them upload some pics and share the things you are interested in right now. Choose some general and some specific interests and then you can filter by age, gender, interests and where in the world they live. It gives you the chance to find out if you like people before you even think about meeting up with them - or you can just remain "pen pals" if you like.
hicup is a simple and nice idea. It’s a social networking app where you can meet new friends who have similar interests to yourself. One thing is sure, you won't be able to claim that you don't have anything in common with the people you are meeting. You can arrange to meet up, if you wish, or just keep them at arms length and just find out the juicy details of life in a different town or country.
Hicup is an easy to use social app for meeting new friends that you can download for iPad and iPhone.

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