Listen Up! lite: Get social with this wordy version of Charades!

Review posted Tue 25 Dec '12
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Now that the silly season is well and truly here you are probably going to need a bit of fun entertainment to keep you and your friends occupied, arent you? I guess Charades is a bit out of the question for an online game but Listen Up! is a freeiOS application that offers an interesting take on the genre with this turn based word game with a difference. Choose either easy, medium or hard words to earn mics, or points, by recording an audio clip describing it...without, of course, using the word. The game encourages your creativity and imagination to think up a description for your word using any words or sounds apart from the word itself. It's the ultimate audio based challenge and is unlike any game app you've ever seen...or heard.
Listen Up! is a social, turn-based game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that can be played with friends and definitely isn’t just another online guessing game. With this one, it's your creativity and imagination that makes the game as wild and fun as you want it to be. Invite your Facebook friends or anyone else you want to play with and pick one of three available words ranging from easy, medium and hard and record an audio clip or sound bite that you think best describes that word! You are free to make any noise or sound you want - the funnier, the better Your clip is then sent off to your opponent who listens to your audio recording and tries to figure out what word you’re trying to describe. The better quality your clips are,  the better the chance of them being guessed and the more 'mics' for you. Points are awarded via collected 'mics' depending on how tricky the word is. Your 'mics' also can be used to unlock image clues when trying to guess words and to unlock other bonus goodies.
We all need a new fun and addictive game to play when we have plenty of time on our hands and we are hearing that Listen Up! is getting a lot of positive feedback from gamers around the world because of its uniqueness. There are countless, boring guessing games featured all over the app world but, to be quite honest, most I find pretty dull. Listen Up! offers a different type of game that uses your imagination and your creativity to think up audio clues to explain your word. That's why I say that it's more like charades than other types of social games. Listen P! lite is a welcome addition to the game market and offers something just a little bit different.

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