ServiceFox: Give greater customer service with real time communication

Review posted Mon 11 Nov '13
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It's becoming fairly obvious that business has to step up its game if it wants to remain competitive in this day and age. Rather than just waiting for people to walk in through the door, it's now up to individual businesses to encourage customers and provide something extra to entice them to use your services. ServiceFox is a new business contact and communication application that enables customers to locate any type of business they are looking for, share contact details and communicate in real time. It's a bit like a social white pages with plenty of added benefits.
ServiceFox helps businesses and their customers work together more efficiently and enables your to provide top tier and lightning fast service as well as real time updates. Whether we like it or not, we are now all part of the new age of technology where smartphones and tablets rule the roost with smart customers expecting a higher level of connection to their goods and services providers than ever before. ServiceFox means that you can forget all about the lengthy check-in processes and mile long forms to fill out when you want to connect with a business. With just a couple of taps, the snap of a camera and a QR code, both parties can easily have a trackable ticket on their mobile device that is loaded with all the contact information needed as well as the work to be performed. The app works in real-time making it user friendly for customers to communicate questions and comments and particle in instant chat messaging for that personal touch.
One of the really good things about Service Fox is its pure simplicity as you can easily track your work and your customer communication in one single easy to read place. It keeps everyone - and that includes both you and your customers - in the know at all times regarding orders and services as well as offering email alerts and SMS notifications for deals and special offers. Even if your customers don't have the app for their mobile they can still post updates on the web page. ServiceFox is a very useful application for any industry and aims at better communication between business and customers via your iOS device or your computer. It's the way of the future. Embrace it. It's free.

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