Zoniz: Give your social media an executive tune up

Review posted Sun 2 Sep '12
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Using a social media monitoring application like Zoniz is rather like booking your car in for an executive tune up only to find that the mechanics souped up the engine while it was over the pit. With Zoniz' help you can increase your website's fan base and promote your product by getting more out of your social network. It does this by turning your visitors to your site into instant fans giving you the opportunity to follow up and promote your product directly with fans and their friends.
Your potential customers are everywhere. They visit your store. They browse your site to learn about products, services or your company reputation. They check your Facebook profile. They want to know what other other people are saying about your company. The goal at Zoniz is to give you an easy, affordable and totally automated solution to connect, manage and increase your customer base using social networking. It aims to give you more exposure on your social networks and turn the people that visit your website or store (and even your past customers) into your fans and followers. This will help you to increase your fan base, open a dialog with your customers, get feedback and promote your product or services directly to those very same fans as well as members of their extended families and friends.  Personal recommendations are the most powerful way to get new customers and social media is the fastest medium by which messages can travel from one user to another. Zoniz comes with a series of promotional tools that can motivate customers to recommend your products, services or company to their friends, family or colleagues. Zoniz was founded by a team of experts with over ten years of experience in developing large enterprise class software applications for customers such as IBM, Saab Avionics, TeleLogic and many others. Use your social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin to add new fans and followers for free. Social media is the perfect medium to create stories that will inspire your fans and followers to share with friends or coworkers. Use Zoniz to open a dialogue with your customers and use the viral mechanism, tools, and promotions to improve your visibility among social network sites simply and easily. Zoniz comes with a set of templates, graphics and ideas that will help you get started right-away.
It's easy to think that most of the hard work has been done when you have put your web site together and finally have an online presence but, in reality, that's only the beginning. With business moving at a rapid pace these days it will pay you to use your advertising mediums to the fullest extent to ensure you stay at the top of the tree. Zoniz is a cost effective way of optimizing your social media by effectively leaving their calling card so you can follow up automatically on all the customers that may pass through your sites. It's analytical engine finds out your customers' preferences and opinions and integrates perfectly with all your sales channels, making it easy to get feedback from people that are interested in your brand, products and services.

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