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Review posted Mon 7 Jan '13
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You have to laugh, don't you? If someone suggested to you that the basis of which bar or club you would be going to tonight would be based on the attractiveness of its guests, you might think you were back in the disco era of Studio 54. But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it's important to be seen with the cool and handsome types. I guess single girls want to go where single good looking guys are and single guys are always going to go to places where cool and pretty girls hang out. Assuming that's what you are looking for it might be useful to know the coolest places to go and the interestingly named Top Totty does just that for you. Quite simply, the app is a fun way to find and rate local bars and clubs based on the attractiveness of their guests no matter what your persuasion.
Whether you are a guy, a girl, gay or straight, Top Totty will show you where the ‘hot spots’ are for a fun night out for you and your friends. If you fancy a night in the city, just position the map over your destination and select ‘Update Totty’ to locate all the local pubs and clubs. Each venue shows you the average rating other users have given it so you can build your night out around the pubs and clubs with the most attractive guests. Don't forget to save your favourites and add your own ratings to helps other users have a great night out. In app there is an opportunity to upgrade to an ad-free version which also includes the 'Totty Compass' which will point you in the direction of your chosen venue. Over time, the more ratings that get added the more useful Top Totty will become, so make sure you add ratings to all the venues you visit on your next night out.
Top Totty certainly fits the bill when it comes to the average app user. It's an app that's aimed at young people who are looking for the coolest bars, clubs and pubs. Maybe they plan to try to find the partner of their dreams or maybe they are just looking for a friend for the night. Either way, we are always looking for the most attractive people around. Shallow, I know, but let's face facts here people - its a fact. Top Totty is meant to be fun but it really does build a social network where users rate their favorite places based purely on looks. If that's the thing you are looking for them this easy to use,  kitchen looking app will be perfect for them.  You might even get to hook up.

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