mixtape.li: A great, simple music player with intelligent recommendations

Review posted Thu 8 Mar '12
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You must have made a mix tape or two in your life, surely? If you saw Cameron Crowe's seminal 80's movie Say Anything you'll know exactly what it is. Mixtape.li is a free MP3 music application where you can either create very cool mixes of music yourself or hunt through the copious amounts of personally chosen lists featured inside. Sounds pretty basic, doesn't it? But this is where the real beauty of Mixtape.li kicks in. It just happens to feature some of the coolest mixes of lists, connections to great music to stir your interest.
Mixtape.li is a surprisingly enjoyable place to go if you just want to hear some good music rather than just clicking the switch on the radio or digging a cd out of your collection Here is an application where you can generate and download personal playlists. This simple and very easy to use music player may well turn out to be one of the things that links people to music in the future. The fact is, with the demise of the knowledgable staff of your local cd store, there is a gap in the link between music and the general public. There is no one anymore to say "Hey, if you like this artist - here's another you may like." It's the thing that has been the lifeblood of the music industry since the year dot and, unfortunately, it doesn't exist anymore. Sure, you can check out sites like Last.fm or scour the pages of Rolling Stone magazine for recommendations but I discovered more new interesting artists through mixtape.li in one night than I have for months. It must be something to do with the good taste of the people that are inputting lists and music into it. All it really involves is typing in an artist that you love and you will be presented with a great and related music list. Click it again and you'll get another one. Bliss!
There is no reason to suspect, from the look of this music player, that it will come up with the goods and be something special. Trouble is, things are not all they seem. This simple, fast and clean music application taught me more in a few hours than a month of other music apps. There are heaps of music apps around - recent one's we've reviewed include Redolf Music, Twist Music, Funi Player and MoreChoonz are just a few - but none are as simple and feature great recommendations and lists as this one. I love it, already.

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