Myxer.FM: Groundbreaking new same-time group listening experience

Review posted Wed 30 Nov '11  ·  19 comments
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I love meeting up with old friends and talking about the stuff they are listening to on the radio. Its always funny when i ask which station and they tell me about some obscure radio station I've never heard of. The tell me it just plays stuff they want to hear with little or no intervention from mouthy DJ's. Bliss. Myxer Social Radio is a bit like that. Myxer is a free social networking and chat tool for your desktop and mobile that provides a music service that changes the way you interact musically with your friends.

Welcome to Myxer Social Radio, a fantastic looking and free mobile and desktop music service with a music catalog of over 12 million songs that could change the way we experience music with friends. It is an ad-supported streaming Internet radio service connecting consumers and the friends who matter most to a groundbreaking new same-time group listening experience. It encourages the user to invite their friends to real-time chat as well as being able to listen to music together. Add to that high-fidelity audio compression, real-time music chat, Song Stories™ and full-integration with Facebook. Myxer Social Radio redefines the experience of discovering and enjoying music, across desktop and mobile applications, all free and without any hidden costs or subscription fees to consumers. One of Myxer's most charming traits though is in its Song Stories™ section where you can record what a song means to you and share your story with friends.

Myxer is one of those great looking music apps that is not only a knockout to look at and listen to but it also delivers the goods in terms of content. With over 12 million songs at your disposal and real-time chat and the chance to share your favorites with your friends make this a music app that does manage to offer something slightly different. It's an easy to use app that looks like a million dollars on your mobile and, what's more, it's totally free. Just log in through your Facebook account and listen to some great music with your friends.

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