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Review posted Mon 12 Sep '11  ·  18 comments
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If you are looking for a management app for business that tackles all the obvious organizational projects as well as having full integration with Google Docs and Evernote than it would be hard to go past Peletonics. You wouldn't be alone as their services are also used by huge companies like Warner Bros, Intel, IBM, Cisco, Jeld-Wen and MIT to name just a few.

Peletonics Group Collaboration Solutions is not free. Prices range from US$9.95 to US$199 per month but you can try it for free to see if it fits your needs. Peletonics gives the user the opportunity to organize group and team projects, milestones, calendars, files, goals as well as productivity. It enables the user to organize your group communications to ensure everyone is in the loop. All communications from Pelotonics can be replied to from your email client ensuring everyone uses the system! Know what is due when and who is responsible and bring your team together so everyone is on the same page by using Tasks and Milestones. The calendar lets you manage your global deliverables and key dates. Projects and files are easy to find while your private information is totally safe and secure with easy access for all users from a web browser.

Peletonics is a bit of a gem. Neat and tidy, well organized and easy to navigate. It's no surprise that it's been taken up by so many big companies and is good value for money compared to many other business management systems. I love the fact that it fully integrates with Google Docs too. If you are looking for a system to simplify and clarify your organizational needs have a look at Peletonics.

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