salonMonster: Hair salon booking system with good reports

Review posted Fri 2 Dec '11  ·  20 comments
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As the name suggests this one is specifically for the hair salon business and having been designed by some of those in the trade it should tint all the grey bits. As an appointment app it will certainly help get that aspect of the working week sorted out but it can do more than that. You’re never going to get the whole world to stop telephoning to book but giving customers the option to do it via your website 24/7 should cut down on a great number of them doing so. You don’t even have to have an existing website to get the benefits of this app as salonMonster can set up a simple one for you and host it as well.

Customers are not only able to check available times online but can be even more specific and check on the availability of their favorite stylist too. They’ll get email confirmation of their booking and also well timed reminders that will seriously help cut down on the time and money wasting problem of no-shows.

As the salon owner you can let your staff have access to as much or as little of the information as you want. Reports showing the weekly schedule for all staff or narrowed down to individuals can be viewed making sure everyone knows how the work is scheduled. As a staff management tool alone this is a good feature.

In addition to being a great booking system this one can also be used as a client management tool where useful information details can be stored. Not only can you log all contact details you can make notes about client’s preferences or any comments they might have made on their last visit.


This represents a simple yet comprehensive booking system with the addition of staff and client management functions. All of these things can be used as a great way to enhance a client’s next visit and allow you to go that extra mile for customer satisfaction. 

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