TripList : A handy and easy checklist when you pack

Review posted Mon 25 Jun '12
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Regular readers here might have seen the FeedMyApp review recently of the travel checklist and organization app Packing Pro and how we gushed over that essential holiday app. TripList is another fine easy to use holiday checklist that is driven by a powerful engine and provides a complete rundown of everything you will need for your holiday or overseas trip. Trip List is packed with useful travel tools but it is the ability to check off the stuff you are taking as well as the stuff you are bringing back that's going to make it a very useful travel application.
While we all can't wait to go on holiday the packing part often leaves a lot to be desired. It's not so bad if you are on your own but if you are traveling with children then it's essential to have everything the whole family needs to make the trip run smoothly. You are going to feel pretty silly if you forgot to pack something vital to keep the kids amused on the trip but it will be even worse if you leave your child's favorite toy in the hotel in Paris. TripList 2 is a powerful, customizable and easy to use packing and travel organizer. Its simple to create a trip and then add items individually or from the 160 item catalog and then then check them off as you complete them. Assign each trip a start date and organize them accordingly.  You can also assign an icon to represent each trip, so you can identify them at a glance. When you are packing ready for your return you will easily be able to see if you have forgotten to pack everything and even see the percentage of how close you are to finishing.
TripList is a nicely designed travel companion that you won't know that you really need until you realize the precious item you forgot to take with you or, eleven worse, forgot to bring home. It probably won't be your plane tickets or passports that get left behind when you set off for the airport but it will be that small insignificant item that would have made the trip so much easier and less angst ridden. This is the second release of this travel app so there have been a number of improvements from the previous version and there are a couple of things that could possibly be improved on next time. It would be nice to be able to put a photo to your items if desired and have a template or two for similar trips but, on the whole,  it achieves what it set out to do. TripList will take a load off your mind that nothing has been forgotten making your trip the pleasurable experience that it was meant to be. Sometimes it's the simplest things that are the best.

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