Codecademy: Have fun whilst learning the basics of JavaScript.

Review posted Wed 24 Aug '11
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If the thought of learning computer programming takes you back to the days when you’d do anything to get out of algebra lessons this could well be the site for you.

Brand spanking new, Codecademy is already taking the internet by storm drawing some 200,000 unique users within three days of launching. The fun aspect to the lessons is a result of one of the the creator’s own experience of trying to learn to code by traditional methods like books and video.

The clever concept of no log-in or registration for at least the first few tutorials is testament to the creator’s belief that once a student is on board, the  learning experience will be enough to retain them.

The tutorials themselves are very user friendly with instructions given via a simple prompt on the left hand side of the screen and a console to type the code into. The teaching method is also geared to avoid boredom and frustration with a good mix of concise instructions coupled with opportunities to re-use knowledge gained in previous lessons. 


The importance of student motivation is also a feature and users can gain points for completed exercises and gain badges which can be proudly displayed across the likes of Twitter and Facebook. The use of social media also allows users to keep up with their friend’s programming attempts, prompting some friendly rivalry and maintaining high levels of motivation.

Although very new and starting with only eight lessons the creators are confident that many more will be added in the coming weeks with hundreds of programmers offering to write courses. There has also been interest from parties in Malaysia and China to translate the site.

All in all The Codecademy site looks like a winner for anyone looking to put a little fun into learning what some might consider a geeky subject. What a shame nobody thought of something similar for Latin though, without it we’re all guilty of a bit of damnant quodnon intelligunt!

A fun way to learn something that previously may have seemed a little daunting, and it's free

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