ScoopWeb: Hear ye! Hear ye! Here's a much better way to search for news

Review posted Tue 8 Jan '13
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I'll start off straight away by saying how much I love this news search application. Being a little bit of a news junkie myself I regularly find myself trudging through countless sites to find out what is going on in the world. ScoopWeb is a wonderfully slick looking app that delivers all the completely up-to-date news that you will ever need from over five hundred reputable sources including local, national and worldwide publications. This ultra fast and beautiful looking app also splits your search into videos, photos and documents as well as the best of the news from the rest of the web.
There are so many ways to access news these days and we are inundated with stories on the net. Theres almost too much to cope with at times. Sometimes it needs a little filtering but not at the expense of quality sources. ScoopWeb is a totally innovative way to view news online that might well change the way you search for your news in the future. Rather than searching through Google or Yahoo, ScoopWeb simplifies the whole search process by presenting news from more than five hundred reputable sources including mainstream providers' BBC, CNN, Reuters and Bloomberg as well as more regional and localized sources like the Detroit News, LA Times. It delivers unparalleled coverage on a vast range of subjects seriously fast. ScoopWeb is the only application that offers a broad range of multimedia content from such a varied and extensive range of sources. The app lets you search for news in real-time on a particular topic, person, brand or place and provides news, images, videos, documents, related information and tweets on millions of topics. Read breaking news on topics including current affairs, finance, business, television, film, sport and more. It allows you to easily explore a great variety of online content about your topics of interest, thus providing a broad range of data and media in one single site.
Did I say I loved ScoopWeb? This is an app that is perfect for anyone doing research and it's speed and well organized and clean-looking interface makes it a pleasure to use. Just type in any place, person or anything else you want and this search engine delivers fast and accurate answers. Click on the story and you have the article or document. Only want videos or photos? Click on the category button and you only get the images. It's so simple and clean to use I can't see me going back to normal search engines. ScoopWeb means I no longer have to visit specific websites to get my news because it's all there on one page for me saving a lot of time for the researcher.

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