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I still find it quite amazing that so many businesses still use a pen and paper when booking appointments for customers - especially when there are online appointment schedule applications like BookerLooker available. Many will say its a costing problem and they can't afford it while others will say that they are too complicated to set up and maintain. So, how about if I said to you that I could find one that not only lets your customers book their appointments whenever they wanted and pick a time that suited both parties. And then how about if I told you that it could cost you about fifteen dollars a month...or about fifty cents a day. BookerLooker is a beautiful looking and easy to use app for any business that needs to set up an efficient customer accessible online booking service.
BookerLooker is a new online booking app of a quality that is usually only available in the biggest and most expensive CRM apps. While those top of the line apps are worth their weight in gold, their main problem is that many of the features that you have paid for will never be used. BookerLooker is a dedicated and beautifully organized appointment schedule app that will speed up the processes of reservation, long-term planning, client database storage and proceedings. It is perfect for businesses like healthcare and massage services, hairdressers and anyone that needs to automate their booking system so that someone isn't sitting on the phone all day. Clients have 24/7 access to this service, saving them time. Whats more, it is free of charge for clients of customer service companies. Clients are able to select the time that suits them best as well as receiving reminded of their appointments by email or a text message. It takes just a minute to fix an appointment and , after just a few clicks on the keyboard, a client makes the desired reservation. So now your staff is able to dedicate their time to clients and their needs without needing to stop and arrange appointments on the phone. Administrative staff can now afford to carry out their primary tasks more efficiently as they wont have to keep getting up and answering the phone and changing reservations using an archaic pen and paper. And finally, you can track your clients' calling and appointment patterns so you can get t know their habits better and arrange your day to suit.
Let's face it people, it's time to throw away your old school booking methods and move into the 21st Century. BookerLooker is a very classy online booking application that gives you all the tools to simplify and improve the way you take appointments. To give it extra oomph, you can integrate your widget with your own site or even add it to your Facebook page for extra convenience and thereby promoting both. BookerLooker also includes a whole heap of extra features that I haven't even mentioned but I've saved the best for last. You can sync your up-to-date appointments so that you can see your bookings whether you are at work, at home or on the road.

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